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Pink Sky Studios designs brand identity systems that are integrated throughout all marketing efforts, both printed and digital.

Visually Compelling, Strategic Brand Identity Design

To ensure you are recognized and remembered, Pink Sky Studios will develop your brand strategy and create a distinctive professional logo, strong content structure and quality marketing material that communicates your brand’s value and speaks to your audience with a consistent unified voice.

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What is a Brand?

A brand is not what you say it is; it’s what others believe it is. It’s your company’s reputation—the expectation that resides in the mind of your customer. It’s a set of intangible assets—an emotional relationship that allows your business to connect with your customers, clients and prospects.

A brand represents clarity, reassurance, consistency, status and everything that enables a business to help define it. People trust brands, develop strong loyalties to them, buy them and believe in their superiority.

What is Brand Identity?

Brand Identity is the visual and verbal expression of a brand across a wide variety of material. It’s a strategically organized structure that presents consistency and unity throughout all channels of communication.

The foundation of this structure includes both a continuous visual language that encompasses your logo, fonts, colors, layout and imagery as well as a consistent verbal message crafted to project a compelling voice that resonates throughout your target audience.

Pink Sky Studios Brand Identity Design

Strategic Integrated Branding

Stand out from the competition with Pink Sky Studios’ strategic integrated branding services!

Brand Strategy is Essential for Success

Your brand identity is the visual and verbal expression of your business and a strategic brand identity is essential for success. Pink Sky Studios will develop a brand strategy for your business that communicates value and enhances credibility.

Pink Sky Studios Brand Identity Design

Integrating Brand Identity Unites

From logo development and visual design standards through messaging and communication material, Pink Sky Studios will integrate your brand identity throughout every piece of collateral whether it’s a simple business card or a detailed website.

When your business speaks to your market with a consistent unified voice, you build recognition and gain a competitive edge. Pink Sky Studios is dedicated to propelling your business forward with the strategic brand identity your business needs along with a long-term relationship you can rely on.

The Elements of Brand Strategy

The first step in building a successful brand is developing a strong brand strategy. This encompasses:
  • Knowing What You Have to Offer

  • Defining Your Mission, Vision and Values

  • Outlining Your Goals/Objectives

  • Identifying Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats

  • Recognizing Your Ideal Customer

  • Analyzing Your Competitors

  • Auditing Your Current Materials

  • Crafting Your Messaging

  • Creating Your Logo and Visual Standards

  • Developing Your Website

  • Creating Social Media Accounts

  • Preparing Targeted Email Campaigns

  • Positioning Your Advertising

  • Planning Print Collateral

  • Executing and Managing Launch/Production

  • Reviewing and Revising the Plan

  • Keith J. Williams Law Brand Identity
  • Roxy Therapy Dogs Brand Identity
  • Power4 Brand Identity
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Custom Logo Design

Pink Sky Studios will create a distinctive professional logo that expresses your business and communicates your uniqueness.

A Professional Logo Design is Critical

Whether embarking on a new business venture, launching a new product, or presenting a new service, a professional custom logo design is a critical element in establishing your business identity and creating brand recognition.

Your Logo is the Foundation of Your Brand

A professionally designed logo makes it easy to build your brand. It’s developed strategically with a thorough understanding of your business and with purpose. It’s crafted to provide a strong first impression, separate you from competitors and create value.

A Professional Logo Design is Critical

Pink Sky Studios has the knowledge and experience to create a professional logo that conveys your brand and targets your market. With decades of experience working with clients that are big and small, non-profit and for-profit, start-ups and established businesses, Pink Sky Studios understands that every client is unique. Your logo should be as unique as you are.

Monroe Data Products Logo BEFOREMonroe Data Products Logo AFTER

The Process of Logo Development

  • Strategy: Consult with client to gain insight into business, products and/or services; outline goals and objectives; create action plan

  • Discovery: Research market; identify customers; analyze competition; audit client’s existing materials

  • Creative: Develop concepts; sketch ideas; explore typography; establish color palette

  • Execution: Render sketches into digital vector artwork; create variations; tweak designs

  • Presentation: Meet with client to present multiple logo concepts; discuss options; explain motivation; receive feedback

  • Refinement: Make adjustments and/or fine-tune chosen logo to ensure the end result will meet the client’s needs

  • Approval: Receive client approval; prepare final logo; create guidelines with color codes, font system and visual standards

  • Delivery: Final logo delivered digitally to client in AI, EPS, PNG, PDF, JPG formats with brand identity system guidelines

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Brand Messaging & Copywriting

Pink Sky Studios will craft targeted messaging and copywriting for your brand that inspires, motivates and compels.

What is Brand Messaging?

Your core messaging is the essence of your brand. It clearly and succinctly explains who you are, what you do and how you do it. It’s crafted to appeal to your target audience emotionally to inspire them to choose your business, as well as intelligently to motivate them to choose your products and services.

Brand Messaging Includes Your:

  • Brand Story

  • Mission Statement

  • Vision Statement

  • Core Values Statement

  • Brand Promise

  • Audience Targeting

  • Value Proposition

  • Customer Benefits

  • Tagline/Slogan

  • Elevator Pitch

What is Copywriting?

Copywriting is the art of crafting clear, persuasive messages that engage your target audience and compel them to take action whether to purchase a product, provide info or click a button.

Your brand messaging is the foundation on which your copywriting is built. Once constructed, it can be woven through all the copywriting needed for your brand from website content to print collateral to digital communication and more.

Words Are Powerful!

Effective copywriting engages the reader’s attention through your brand’s distinctive voice and drives response. Combine that with the right brand strategy and creative design and the sky’s the limit!

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Bring Your Brand to Life with Print Collateral that Converts:

  • Annual Reports

  • Banners

  • Booklets

  • Books

  • Brochures

  • Bookmarks

  • Business Cards

  • Catalogs

  • Coupons

  • Direct Mail

  • Envelopes

  • Flyers

  • Folders

  • Forms

  • Inserts

  • Invitations

  • Labels

  • Letterheads

  • Manuals

  • Media Kits

  • Menus

  • Newsletters

  • Packaging

  • Pamphlets

  • Pocket Folders

  • Postcards

  • Posters

  • Rack Cards

  • Sell Sheets

  • Signage

  • Stationery

  • Stickers

  • Thank You Cards

  • Trade Show Items

  • White Papers

  • And more!

Quality Printing Services

Your marketing materials can only be effective if they are produced with high standards. Pink Sky Studios make our print collateral designs come to life through high-quality traditional and digital printing services.

Our established relationships with outstanding area printers enable us to pass on preferred rates, organized production schedules and stress-free experience to our clients.

Print Collateral Design
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Print & Digital Advertising

Pink Sky Studios will create advertising that connects and influences a highly targeted audience for your business.

Why Advertise?

Create brand awareness and instill credibility while reaching thousands of potential customers through the power of strategically placed print and digital advertising!

Whether launching a new product, showcasing services or simply promoting your brand, advertising establishes trust, expands reach, increases sales and positions you as an industry leader. Pink Sky Studios supplies the creative concept for your ad and backs it up with headlines that compel and copywriting that engages.

Strategic Positioning & Placement

Determining exactly where, when and how often your ad appears is just as important as determining how it will look and what it will say. Pink Sky Studios will target your market, establish an effective schedule and place each ad according to your individual objectives.

As today’s consumer spends time both online and perusing print media, repeat exposure across multiple channels is imperative. Bring the best of both worlds together with a balance of both print and digital advertising!

  • Advertising by Pink Sky Studios
  • Advertising by Pink Sky Studios
  • Advertising by Pink Sky Studios
  • Advertising by Pink Sky Studios

Creative, strategically placed print advertising allow you to reach target markets, communicate your message and drive action as well as drive digital online purchases.

  • Newspapers

  • Magazines

  • Trade Journals

  • Direct Mail

  • Billboards

  • Newsletters

  • Event Programs

  • Coupons

As consumers spend more and more time online, digital ads allow you to get right in front of them. Furthermore, you can target, manage, track and analyze digital ads in real time.

  • Social Media Advertising

  • Remarketing/Retargeting

  • Paid Search Advertising

  • Pay Per Click Advertising

  • Banner Advertising

  • Display Advertising

  • Mobile Advertising

  • Affiliate Advertising

Digital Communications

Pink Sky Studios crafts customized digital marketing solutions that capture, engage and convert.

Reach your target market where they are — online! With buyers expecting faster access to products and services than ever before, digital communication for business is imperative.

Pink Sky Studios will target your audience and create engaging, sharable, branded content to connect with clients, customers and prospects in their social feeds, inboxes and searches.

Digital Marketing Services

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