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Pink Sky Studios propels you forward with digital marketing that engages your audience, generates traffic and boosts sales.

Digital Marketing that Captures, Engages & Converts

Reach your target market where they are — online! Pink Sky Studios will target your audience and create engaging, sharable, branded content to connect with clients, customers and prospects in their social feeds, inboxes and searches.

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What is Digital Marketing?

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is a form of advertising that utilizes the internet to promote your business, products and services through digital media platforms such as social media, email marketing, content marketing and internet searches.

As buyers expect faster access to products and services than ever before, digital marketing for your business is vital. Reach them on their computers and mobile devices with a digital marketing strategy for your business!

Why Digital Marketing?

Every day, 81% of adults in the U.S. are online*. Whether texting, emailing, researching, shopping or scrolling through social media, they spend an average of 6-1/2 hours a day doing it**. With this in mind, opportunities abound for businesses with a digital marketing strategy!

Digital marketing provides a direct line of communication to a highly targeted audience while building brand awareness and establishing trust. It’s cost-effective, allowing you to reach a vast amount of potential customers for less cost than traditional marketing methods; and it’s measurable, providing in-depth analysis on impressions, shares, views, clicks and more.

*Pew Research, 2019; **Bondcap 2019

Why Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing Strategy

Stand out from the competition and reach your target audience with Pink Sky Studios’ strategic digital marketing services!

A Clear Plan of Action

Establishing a strategy for your digital marketing efforts is critical for success. Your digital marketing strategy is a comprehensive plan that guides you through a series of actions that support and achieve your business goals.

Through the use of various tactics and online channels you can connect, engage and interact with customers where they are every day throughout the digital landscape.

Digital Marketing with Pink Sky Studios

Coordinated, Performance-Driven Strategy

By including a variety of digital marketing tactics such as content posting, targeted advertising and blogging you create a cohesive experience for your audience across the digital landscape. Through multiple channels such as social media, email marketing and especially your website, and by utilizing innovative methods of targeting, tracking and reporting, your business is able to nurture buyers before and after they become customers.

Pink Sky Studios will create a customized digital marketing strategy for your business that connects with your target market, increases brand awareness and propels your business forward.

Elements of Digital Strategy

The first step in building a successful digital marketing campaign is developing a strong strategy. This encompasses:
  • Knowing Your Brand Strategy: define what you have to offer, your mission and goals, your strengths, opportunities, weaknesses and threats

  • Defining Your Brand Identity: create an identity that speaks with a consistent unified voice, builds recognition and communicates value

  • Developing Your Website: create a keyword-rich, search-engine-optimized visual website that provides an engaging user experience

  • Building Your Customer Personas: describe your ideal customer, what motivates them to choose your business, products/services

  • Identifying Your Digital Goals: set specific, measurable, realistic short-term and long-term objectives for growth

  • Determining Your Channels: consider who you are targeting and where they are in the digital landscape

  • Creating Social Media Accounts: determine which platforms align with your goals and provide value for your business
  • Choosing Your Email Service Provider: select an ESP that provides the level of functionality you need

  • Setting Your Budgets: determine comfortable spending limits per campaign and digital channel

  • Creating Your Content Calendar: determine dates and times to post, advertise and blast on each channel

  • Launch Your Campaignslaunch campaigns across chosen channels with custom-tailored messages for each

  • Track and Manage: monitor the performance of each campaign to include impressions, reach, clicks, click-through rates and conversions

  • Reviewing and Revising: analyze metrics regularly to know what is working and what needs to be improved

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  • Social Media & Email Marketing with Pink Sky Studios
  • Social Media & Blogging with Pink Sky Studios

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Pink Sky Studios’ will build a community around your company with engaging, sharable content that keeps the conversation going.

Your Customers Are On Social Media!
Are You?

Social Media Marketing refers to the use of social media platforms to engage your audience, build your brand, and increase sales. Roughly 70% of the U.S. population have social media accounts. With users spending an average of 3 hours a day on social networks*, the importance of a social media marketing strategy for business is indisputable.
*Oberlo, 2021

Social Media Icons
Social Media Marketing with Pink Sky Studios

The Social Media Landscape

Each social media platform has its own purpose, functions and particular set of users:

  • Social Networking: Facebook Business Page, LinkedIn Company Page

  • Photo Sharing: Instagram Business Account, Pinterest Business Account

  • Video Sharing: YouTube Channel

  • Microblogging: Twitter Business Account

  • Discussion Forums: Reddit Account, Quora for Business

It’s important to determine which social media platforms will align with your goals, allow you to engage your target audience and provide value for your business.

Social Media Marketing with Pink Sky Studios

Create a Conversation Around Your Brand

Affordable and highly targeted, social media has transformed the way businesses and customers communicate. It allows you to reach new prospects, engage with existing customers and build valuable connections. Social media humanizes your brand through direct one-on-one interaction that nurtures relationships and builds trust. Ultimately, social media can position you as an industry leader, influence purchasing decisions and drive sales.

Social media marketing is vital for business growth. Pink Sky Studios will create a concise social media strategy for your business and post engaging customized platform content that connects with your target market and sets you apart from competitors.

The SMM Process:

  • Set specific, measurable, attainable goals
  • Define a detailed targeted audience to include age, location, income, industry, behaviors and interests
  • Select the appropriate social media channels based on targeted audience data 
  • Research competition to know what’s expected in your industry and spot opportunities
  • Identify keywords people would use to search for your business
  • Audit current social media to see what is working and who is engaging with you
  • Define a specific strategy for each platform
  • Create appropriate social media accounts
  • Set up and write profiles to align with strategy; incorporate keywords
  • Create branded profile and cover images
  • Determine a content mix that: supports lead generation; drives sales; encourages personal interaction; informs, educates or entertains audience; promotes business culture; as well as curate content from other sources such as news or articles
  • Write engaging, keyword-rich, targeted copy
  • Gather visually compelling images
  • Review brand identity standards and integrate consistent branding
  • Integrate links to drive traffic to your website
  • Develop list of post topics
  • Determine frequency and schedule
  • Create content calendar with dates and times to post on each channel
  • Publish scheduled content in advance
  • Engage with users that comment on posts
  • Start a conversation with followers
  • Reply to messages
  • Access insights, metrics and reports to track results
  • Review data on volume, reach, engagement, clicks and more
  • Refine strategy based on data

Social Media Advertising

Pink Sky Studios will create social media advertising that promotes your brand and leads to conversion opportunities.

Reach the Audience You Want!

Social Media Advertising is a fast and cost-effective way for your business reach relevant customers, increase brand exposure and improve sales. According to a recent survey, out of the two-thirds of consumers who have clicked on a social media ad, 33% made a direct purchase*. With stats like that, launching a social media advertising campaign is an excellent investment.
*Episerver, 2021

Social Media Advertising with Pink Sky Studios

Why Advertise on Social Media?

While there are differences between each social media platform, they all have a few things in common. Across the board, social media advertising is a good investment because:

  • It’s Targeted: The best way to reach the specific customers your business needs is through Social Media Advertising. Target new audiences as well as re-target those who have already visited your website. With the ability to target audiences based on demographics, interests, behaviors and location, you only pay for the exact audience you want to reach

  • It’s Inexpensive: It makes sense that the bigger the budget you allocate, bigger audience you can reach. However, Social Media Advertising is the most inexpensive form of advertising available to your business today. For example, the average conversation rate for display ads across AdWords is 0.57% with the cost of conversion at $90.80; the average conversation rate for Facebook ads is 9.21% with the cost of conversion at $18.68. *WordStream, 2020

  • It’s Measurable: Through social media advertising’s analytic features, you can actively view how well your ads are performing. Monitoring the number of likes, shares, comments and clicks on your ads will enable you to review overall ad reach, know what resonates with your target audience, track growth and calculate your ROI.

Make social media advertising part of your digital marketing strategy with Pink Sky Studios!

Social Media Advertising Platforms

Whatever your digital advertising objective, there is a social media platform with its own particular set of users and targeted advertising options to support it. Depending on your type of business, certain platforms will perform better than others. For example, if your specific goal is to promote your handcrafted jewelry to affluent female millennials, an advertising campaign on Pinterest can product successful results.

Social Media Advertising with Pink Sky Studios

With 223+ million active users in the U.S. alone, Facebook is the most popular social media advertising platform for business. With 52% of its active users visiting several times a day*, Facebook advertising makes it easy to reach your target market and drive web traffic.
*Statistica, 2021

With 176+ million members in the U.S., LinkedIn is the most popular social media advertising platform for B2B companies. In fact, 65% of B2B companies have used LinkedIn paid ads to acquire new clients. With a 40% conversion rate for personalized message ads, if you’re B2B, LinkedIn is a platform you can’t ignore!

Email Marketing Campaigns

Pink Sky Studios creates email campaigns that allow you to communicate easily and affordably and build strong lasting relationships.

The Power of Email Marketing

Email marketing provides a valuable opportunity to keep the lines of communication open between your business and your customers, cultivate relationships and stay top-of-mind. It’s fast, efficient and cost-effective. With an average return on investment (ROI) of $42 for every dollar spent*, email marketing is very good for business!
*Direct Marketing Association, 2019

Email Marketing with Pink Sky Studios
Email Marketing with Pink Sky Studios

Build Your Brand with Email Marketing

Email marketing is an essential part of your brand’s digital marketing strategy. Pink Sky Studios’ makes it easy for you with customized, branded email marketing campaigns that provide subscribers with engaging content, positions you as a valuable resource and drives revenue.

Reach out to prospects and retain existing customers by incorporating email marketing into your digital marketing strategy.

Whether you’re looking to engage your customers, build your audience, drive sales or increase your brand awareness, Pink Sky Studios has the email marketing expertise to help you succeed.

The Process of Email Marketing:

  • Set Measurable Goals
  • Define Reasons for Sending Email
  • Define a Targeted Audience
  • Develop Calendar of Topics
  • Determine Frequency & Schedule
  • Outline Content
  • Establish Brand Visuals
  • Audit Current Marketing Materials
  • Review Past Email Marketing Activity
  • Choose an Email Service Provider (ESP)
  • Set Up Client Account at Provider
  • Create Database/Email List of Contacts
  • Upload and Segment Database/Email List
  • Review Brand Identity Standards
  • Write Keyword-Rich, Targeted Copy
  • Craft Compelling Headlines & Call to Actions
  • Craft Subject Lines
  • Receive Client Logo
  • Gather Visually Compelling Images
  • Integrate Links Drive Traffic to Website
  • Create Customized Branded Email Template
  • Integrate Brand’s Color Palette and Fonts
  • Create Email Header with Logo, Title, Date and/or Issue
  • Create Footer to Include Contact Information
  • Configure Email Signature
  • Configure Social Share Links
  • Create Targeted, Branded Email within Template
  • Develop A/B Subject Line Testing
  • Schedule Personalized, Targeted Email
  • Schedule to Post on Social Media Pages
  • Create Welcome Email for New Subscribers
  • Create Forward to a Friend Email
  • And more
  • Access Metrics & Reporting Functions
  • Review Open Rates, Click Rates, Forwards & Unsubscribes
  • Determine Conversion Rate

What is an Email Service Provider (ESP)?

Your regular email account, such as Gmail or Outlook, is not designed for email marketing and can undermine your efforts. Messages blasted through your regular email account can be labeled as spam and never arrive to the recipient.

In order to blast out your email marketing campaigns, you need an Email Service Provider (ESP). An ESP is a company that supplies the platform required for users to create and launch email marketing campaigns to a list of subscribers. Its tools assist in creating templates and managing subscriber lists, providing statistics and reporting features, as well as keeping you in legal compliance.

Pink Sky Recommends Constant Contact

Pink Sky Recommends Constant Contact

Pink Sky Studios has extensive experience creating effective email marketing communications, promotions and newsletters using various ESPs. Our provider of choice is Constant Contact.

Pink Sky Studios partners with Constant Contact to deliver effective, affordable, professional email marketing campaigns. Constant Contact has a rich selection of advanced features including email automation, contact list management, and real-time email tracking tools to let you see who’s opening, clicking and sharing your emails.

Increase brand awareness efficiently, effectively and affordably with email marketing from Pink Sky Studios and Constant Contact.

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Constant Contact Partner
Disclosure: As a Constant Contact Solution Provider, we may receive a commission for any customers that we refer. Our recommendation is based on our experience with Constant Contact, as well as the needs of our clients. You are free to use the ESP of your choice.

You Have Options…

Though our preferred email marketing platform is Constant Contact, we have experience working with alternative permission-based email marketing platforms such as Mad Mimi and MailChimp. All have similar features such as database storage and reporting functions. However, each platform offers a different level of functionality.

Whether you’re already working with an ESP or you’re starting from scratch, Pink Sky Studios is ready to create your email marketing campaigns utilizing the platform of your choice.

Constant Contact Free Trial
Mad Mimi Email
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Content Marketing

Pink Sky Studios will high-quality content marketing that positions your business as a valuable resource.

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is the strategic method of creating and distributing valuable, high-quality content focused on reaching, engaging and connecting with a targeted audience.

Content marketing educates, informs and inspires. It is neither promotional nor about your brand, products or services. Content marketing is relevant to your audience and what they care about. It sends a clear message that you’re attuned to their needs and ready to help to solve their problems.

Content Marketing Includes:

  • Articles
  • Blog Posts
  • Case Studies
  • E-Books
  • Email Newsletters
  • FAQs
  • Games
  • Giveaways
  • Guides
  • Illustrations
  • Infographics
  • Podcasts
  • White Papers
  • Photographs
  • Presentations
  • Resources
  • Social Media Posts
  • Surveys
  • Videos
  • Vlogs

  • Webinars
  • White Papers

Why Content Marketing?

Consistently distributing different types of helpful content to a targeted audience over different channels will increase brand awareness establish trust and position your business as a valuable resource when customers are ready to purchase. In fact, 82% of consumers feeling more positive about a company after reading custom content and 60% are inspired to seek out a product after reading content about it*.
*Demand Metric

Knowing Your Ideal Customer = Success

Consumers are more likely to buy from businesses with whom they have a relationship. The first step in cultivating this relationship is to understand your ideal customers. The better you know them, the easier it will be to build relationships.

By providing helpful information through content marketing, you show you value your customers and that they’re a priority. This creates loyalty and positions your business as a worthy candidate when they need your products and services and are ready to buy.

Content Marketing

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