Brand Identity is the visual and verbal expression of a brand across a wide variety of material. It’s a strategically organized structure that presents consistency and unity throughout all channels of communication.

The foundation of this structure includes both a continuous visual language that encompasses your logo, fonts, colors, layout and imagery as well as a consistent verbal message crafted to project a compelling voice that resonates throughout your target audience.

Brand awareness and recognition are facilitated by a visual identity—shape, color, content. Through repeated exposure, these symbols become recognizable. Your logo is the point of entry to your brand.

Your brand identity will:

  • Express the kind of organization you are
  • Connect your company to images and ideas
  • Build equity over time
  • Provide consistency

To translate your vision into a tangible expression, your brand identity must be:

  • Memorable and appropriate
  • Immediately recognizable
  • Clear and consistent
  • Scalable
  • Works both in black and white and in color

Your identity must be coherent. It must be experienced the same whether it is online, in print or elsewhere by:

  • Look and feel: use of colors, typeface and formats
  • Voice: a consistent message across all marketing tools.
  • Unification: must be unified across all products.
  • Standards: a high and consistent level of quality.
  • Clarity and simplicity: make it easy to understand.